Bam Aquino the ‘idiots among idiots – De La Salle Professor Van Ybiernas

De La Salle University Professor calls Bam Aquino the ‘idiots among idiots”.


De La Salle University (DLSU) professor Van Ybiernas recently took to the popular social media site in order to shoot hits towards Senator Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV and his comments towards the TRAIN law that is one of the landmark policies of the Duterte administration.

Ybiernas claims that the Senator said that the excise tax put upon oil brought about by the TRAIN law should be forfeited as it has garnered some unintended consequences.

Cutting off or removing the excise tax, Ybiernas says, is Aquino making decisions blindly.

“Patunayan muna na long term ang adverse effect ng excise tax sa inflation bago magdesisyon. Masyadong rash ang decision making ni Aquino, which is a poor leadership trait,” says Ybiernas.

The last thing Ybiernas said is that TRAIN law is bound to have some unintended consequences, as does most laws that aim to change something. He likens this to the act of renovating a home where in order to beautify a certain area, there needs to be come changes that involves ruining some things that existed in place.

Ending this analogy, Ybiernas said that because of these comments from Aquino, if anyone plans to renovate a house or the government, they should not call Bam Aquino.

More proof that Bam Aquino is an idiot among idiots.

May unintended consequence daw ang Train Law kaya dapat bawiin na ang excise tax sa langis At ang unintended consequence nga ay inflation.