Davao Archbishop Calls To Inspire The Police And Not Condemn Them For Carrying Out The War On Drugs

Davao Archbishop Calls To Inspire The Police And Not Condemn Them For Carrying Out The War On Drugs


In the light of the catholic church meddling with the government’s mandate to battle the war on drugs, Bishop Soc Villegas even conducted a mass for the Lord, Heal our Land rally in EDSA on November 5,2017; it is a welcome relief to hear another priest say that it is not right to condemn the policemen.

Davao City Archbishop Romulo Valles said that the government police should not only condemn for following the anti-drug war but the public should also “inspire” them to do what needs to be done as per their job description according to the rule of law.

“We will not forget the killings. That is terrible. But one side of it is we will inspire the police to do their jobs according to the book,”

He also said we should push the police to do better and not condemn them for what they are doing.

“Push, inspire not condemn [the] police so they will do better in their police work,” 

This is what the priest said in the mass that was offered in observance of the National Children’s Month that has a theme of “Bata Iligtas sa Droga.”

This statement was said the same day as Bishop Socrates Villegas conducted the mass “Lord Heal Our Land” at the EDSA Shrine in Quezon City.

Valles said between the proliferation of drugs and the issue of extrajudicial killings in the country, drug use comes primary when it comes to killing people.“I think we have to first address the problem of drugs. Drug kills, not only EJK. Parang number two na na (That comes in second),”

He also said that he is saddened by the count of the killings.

“It’s very sad to have the count of killings, I’m worried about it but I also wish you do calculations how many lives were destroyed by drugs, how many were killed by drugs, how many families were destroyed by drugs?”

Valles also said that the country never knew how much of a problem illegal drugs was until President Rodrigo Duterte became president.

Source: Davao Today



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