Duterte the popular president loved by majority of the Filipinos


He proved competent being Mayor of Davao and being the leader who spearheaded the development of Davao City. For a provincial city, it is even better than Metro Manila itself as some claim due to the cleaniness. Not to mention, law and order is strictly imposed.

He is a no bulls**t person. Either you work for him for the greater good or get out. If he sees you as incompetent, you’re fired. If he can’t forcefully evict you or you’re a foreign leader, you can enjoy his foul language instead.

He means what he claims. Unlike his predecessors, Duterte commits to his promises, over-commits to the extent that some thinks he is crossing the line as argued about the ‘public execution’ of druglords that has caught the attention of Western media and anti-Duterte campaigns. When he talked about ‘Train Reforms’, he pushed for it despite the inflation that it brought about. Not to mention, he meant his ‘Build, Build, Build’ policy and as of now, numerous projects are underway, including the venues for the 2019 SEA Games, Clark Global City and roads to ease congestion.

He is charismatic. Filipinos love charismatic leaders. Miriam Defensor is arguably vocal but she is better known for her humour. Duterte carries an aura of focus, strictness, you can tell that he won’t take any jokes.

He is rather close with the people. He poses with supporters in their selfies and these selfies are uploaded on social media which boosts his reputation. Who doesn’t like a leader who poses in the selfies of his fellow countrymen?

Simply put, he carries a potential to bring about change. The predecessing Liberals, while they helped grow the economy, were simply too gentle, weak. Duterte was seen as somewhat a change. He looks aggressive, assertive, strong-willed. He was also not a Liberal, which Filipinos are starting to point their backs on. Duterte signified change for some though there are people who thinks that the Liberals were alright candidates for Presidency.

from Quora: Phillip Gabriel Alcantara Mercado,