Expect more students walk out classes to fight Duterte’s Dictatorship – Kabataan Rep. Elago

Expect more students walk out classes to fight Duterte's Dictatorship - Kabataan Rep. Elago


University of the Philippines (UP)students continue to hold protests despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s threaten to kick out the militant youth party-list.

Kabataan Party-list Rep. Sarah Elago said”His statement exposes the true nature of his ‘free education’ scam: not all will benefit; instead of guaranteeing the right of every child to education, he dangles it around every time there is opposition to his fanatical dictatorship,”

As if education is free in UP and other state universities; many students continue to suffer from skyrocketing costs of tuition and other school fees, causing growing discontent and rage among the youth.”she added

On February 23, expect even more students to walk out of their classes to fight Duterte’s dictatorship and tyrannical attacks on the youth and the people,” she also said.

It could remembered earlier that President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to replace protesting UP students with those from the Lumad community in Mindanao.

It is a known fact that LP uses KABATAAN to oppose good government for their own personal interest. Why not? They don’t want to lose the money they inherited from their great grandmother ISYDRA COJUANGCO who was the mistress of the assassinated GENERAL LUNA. GENERAL LUNA was entrusted with Philippine gold and he in turn entrusted it to ISYDRA COJUANGCO.

HE was murdered so ISYDRA COJUANGCO can keep the countrys gold. NINOY AQUINO was obsessed with being the President of the Philippines but his wife CORY COJUANGCO AQUINO had another agenda. Since they were separated for many years, Ninoy was OF NO USE to her anymore so she had him assassinated by her own first cousin DANDING COJUANGCO.

This excerpt from the website states and I quote “A soldier convicted for the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino stands by his confession that Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco ordered the killing of the opposition leader upon his return from exile in 1983. ” unquote.

It was all a family plot against the other member of their own family. 80% of the KABATAAN 1982 were enlightened and regretted being involved in the EDSA uprising against President MARCOS, but it was too late.

Millions of history books written in favor of LP have already occupied the libraries of every school in the country. Now that LP former president Noynoy Aquino maybe imprisoned because of his mishandling of the MAMASAPANO case where 44 SAF troopers were killed in clash with MILF, BIFF members, Being a communist himself, Noynoy Aquino chose to save the communists.

LP will use their billions to get the KABATAAN to save him from imprisonment. Let’s not be stupid.




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