Filipino people have pride in their president Duterte – Adrian Williams 

Filipino people have pride in their president Duterte - Adrian Williams 


A Filipino living in London chose to have an excursion in the Philippines and dissimilar to what the worldwide media was announcing about the present organization, he saw an alternate thing.

Adrian Williams shared his contemplations about what he had seen amid his visit to the Philippines as the demand of his companions who were interested about the genuine circumstance of his nation under the Duterte organization.

Duterte was being depicted by prevailing press as a despot who’s being engaged with asserted human rights misuse to the Philippines.

However, Williams believes that most of the people that he met during his visit didn’t see anything wrong with the current administration and most of them were supportive of Duterte’s reforms.

He was informed that government employees are now facing more paperwork because of the activeness of the current administration to prosecute criminals, a sign the due process are still being practiced by Duterte.

Williams also said that the people who are complaining about the President came from other countries and not personally witnessed the current situation of the Philippines.

He also pointed out that many extrajudicial killings (EJKs) also happened during the Aquino administration.

The Filipino-British also said that he opposed EJKs however, it was wrong to automatically blame every killing to the President because he believes that some crimes were also committed by drug gangs to destroy the image of Duterte.

He also realized that the Filipinos feel more pride under the Duterte administration.

You can read his whole post below:

As requested by a few friends, here are my thoughts after being in the Philippines so far, I’ve tagged a few people who may be interested, who I’ve had chats about Duterte with and have commented on posts before…

I have now been in the Philippines for a week. I’ve been working and holidaying, speaking to tourists and people who live here. From small biz owners to taxi drivers, to relatives to people who work in hospitality, coastguard, govt employees, security, and police. Despite confusion from tourists who have only seen news stories on western TV, I am yet to meet a single anti-Duterte Filipino.

Perhaps the people I encounter aren’t ‘educated’ enough or aren’t relevant enough for western/mainstream media. Perhaps they never attended one of the big universities or come from a family that prospered post-Marcos. In truth, some are and have, but the only ‘dissenting’ words I’ve heard, have come from a relative working in the judicial system.

He complains of more paperwork due to the new administration. There are more criminal investigations and therefore more prosecutions being brought due to the increased investigations. So his problem is that the due process people say does not exist in the Philippines is becoming more efficient since Duterte’s administration came in and he has more to do, overwhelmingly so. He has every right to moan, I don’t know any public servant in the UK (Police or NHS) who does not complain of paperwork and workload.

To me that sounds like the country and new process is working. Would any ‘Community Commentator’ really want less criminal investigations and prosecutions?It is safe to say that the country is firmly behind the President.

The most vigorous complaints, seem to come from those who do not live in the Philippines or those educating themselves to leave. I’m not sure what the motivation is to bring down a president so obviously focused on making the country better?

Nobody agrees with ejk but they seem to forget the high level of actual ejk under the previous administration. Where officials, journalists and priests were being so obviously murdered.

I know many individuals profit from OFWs, perhaps Duterte’s promise to reduce the amount of Filipinos who go abroad to work and provide them with greater opportunities to build a life in the Philippines is a threat to their livelihoods? Is this one of the reasons why ABS-CBN who drive so much revenue from OFWs is so against Duterte? It harks back to Miguel Syjuco’s book and commentary of modern day ‘Illustrados’ and why some people look down on this kind of progress.

The previous administration’s short sited-ness in rejecting and stalling the RH bill, due to it potentially reducing the Philippines main export; People, show what the elite really think of their own people.

Filipinos are not cattle, people deserve respect, public services need better pay, people need hope for a better life.

The majority of the current killings are not murders carried out by Police or Duterte. I firmly believe, and so do most of the people I speak to here, that most of these killings are carried out by the drug syndicates taking out possible informants. We know some of the dead have previously surrendered, it is therefore viable the drug dealers want to ensure they are not able to implicate others when they are fully processed.

I stress, I do not agree with the killings, but to blame the president is a cop out and not showing the ability to see the bigger picture. The environment here has been almost lawless and left to fester by the previous administration. Only now are we seeing progress in the fight to save the people. Labeling it all under terms such as drug war, ejk, vigilante killings is not taking into account what is actually happening and who is involved.

The fact it is largely poor people is because the poor often fall into drug use and people sell each other out for money in a bid to escape poverty. I’ve seen it growing up on council estates in the UK. It happens all over the world. It happens in nearly every crime, mafia, drug based Hollywood movie. It is the coal-face of the fight, it is where we see the worst of the stories.

I have a couple more weeks here and I can feel a difference, I can feel people have pride in their president. I hope he is able to deliver before the elite families succeed in bringing him down or taking him out.

Whether USA again gets involved in a regime change is up for debate. But global media and parts of the community spreading biased news are really pushing the agenda and working against our own government.”

Source: Adrian Williams | Facebook