ICC have no Jurisdiction over China

ICC have no Jurisdiction over China

photo from Noel Landero Sarifa

This is based on the Palace statement on the complaint filed by former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and former Secretary Albert del Rosario with the ICC against President Xi of China.

The complainant against Chinese President Xi Jing Ping before the International Criminal Court is as individuals not as the Philippine Government or a representative of the Filipino people.

The President said they have the right to file the complaint but it could be dimissed since:

– China is not a member of the ICC.
– Philippines is no longer a member of ICC.
– ICC has no jurisdiction over China.
– The complainants are not authorized to lodge a complaint against China at the ICC on behalf of the Philippines.
– The complainant said President Xi committed crimes against humanity resulting from acts which cause environmental damage in the South China Sea. The Rome Statute does not however include environmental damage. What it includes are murder; extermination; enslavement; forcible transfer of population; severe deprivation of physical liberty; torture; rape or sexual slavery; political, racial, religious, ethnic or gender persecution; enforced disappearances; or other inhumane acts causing great suffering or serious injury to physical or mental health.

If the cased is dismissed the opposition may used this and blame Pres. Duterte in withdrawing from ICC, but bare in mind that even we are still a member of ICC, ICC does not have jurisdiction over China.

Seems that this move will not work against Pres. Duterte just like all other moves they made in the past. Next Plan please. Try harder.

from Noel Landero Sarifa