Mayor Inday Sara Fires Back At Mariel De Leon: “Anong Ika-i-insecure Ko Sa Talo Mo?

Mayor Inday Sara Fires Back At Mariel De Leon: "Anong Ika-i-insecure Ko Sa Talo Mo?


Earlier this week, Miss International candidate of the Philippines went home empty-handed from Japan where the pageant is still being held.

Mariel De Leon, the daughter of Christopher De Leon and Sandy Andolong has been very vocal on her despise at the current administration.

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Upon going back home, instead of warm homecoming and sympathies, it seems that she garnered the hate of the netizens. The netizens are getting irked because instead of being humble, she is still biting back, playing the victim card.

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As a response to Mariel’s snide comment, presidential daughter and Davao Mayor Inday Sara Duterte posted a photo of her in a swimsuit saying that she has nothing to be insecure about at Mariel.

Nase-schadenfreude kami, insecure at unhappy agad, di ba pwedeng tulad mo ay sadyang maldita lang talaga kami. Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo?

Inday Sara also mentioned that she chose to take up law and she passed the bar exam with one try. She insultingly asked Mariel, how many times she would lose before finally winning.

Pinili ko maging lawyer hindi beauty queen at naipasa ko ang bar exam ng isang take lang. Ikaw ilang beses ka nga ba natalo?

She also mentioned that Mariel is also not slim, so she is not above Inday Sara in that aspect, too.

At take note, pareho tayo mataba, wala ka lamang jan. Juicekow.

Lastly, she hinted about the incident that she was talking about that got Mariel defensive.

Di kami insecure at unhappy, that’s your freudian slip about your schadenfreude moments. Nase-schadenfreude lang kami kasi we are born pala-away, lalo na kapag inuunahan kami. Nakita mo yung kadami ng camera sa SMX, lahat yun recording with your comments and you making faces 👻👻👻 Lols. 📸 gladysss

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