Mensahe ni Duterte sa pagkakaroon ng Kambal na Anak ni Mar Roxas “He finally had an erection”

Mensahi ni Duterte sa pagkakaroon ng Kambal na Anak ni Mar Roxas "He finally had an erection"


President Rodrigo Duterte is not about to stop making senatorial bet Mar Roxas the butt of his jokes three years after beating the Otso Diretso headliner.

In a campaign rally in Cagayan de Oro, Duterte, who is proud of being a “pasang awa” in a Cabinet full of valedictorians and topnotchers, made fun of Roxas’ alma mater.

“They’re the rich politicians. Roxas. What did Roxas do? He’s claiming that he graduated from Watson — Wharton. What is that Watson? Wharton, Wharton. Watson is a grocery store,” said Duterte.

Duterte mocked Roxas as “nothing” for having zilch to show after being a Cabinet member in three administrations – Trade Secretary under Estrada and under Arroyo, and Transportation, Communication and Interior Secretary under PNoy Aquino.

Duterte also talked about the good news on Roxas’s wife giving birth to twins which they told ABS-CBN said was through “surrogacy from our embryos.”

“Roxas, well, he now has twins. He finally had an erection,” said Duterte.

Although Duterte thinks Roxas is an object of ridicule, he believes the losing vice presidential bet in 2010 and losing presidential bet in 2016 will succeed in his comeback bid to the Senate.

“I know he will win because you will vote for him because he is a Roxas. It is just good that there is someone who is eyeing to go back as senator,” said Duterte.