Parlade to Hontiveros: Just like you, I am paid from people’s taxes, please let me do my job of protecting innocent victims of CPP exploitation


Presidential Communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy in her Facebook account have posted the response of Lt. General Antonio Parlade to the statement given by Senator Risa Hontiveros.

In the spirit of informing the public and transparency, we are printing it here the said statement.

Please see below.

Lt General Antonio Parlade’s Response to Sen Risa Hontiveros’ THREAT:

I will gladly answer any question you will have for me Sen Risa Ma’am, next time, anywhere. I was meek because there is nothing to fight about.

Everyone in Commission on Appointments was civil, and I responded accordingly. And just like you, I am paid from people’s taxes so please let me do my job of protecting innocent victims of CPP exploitation. Maybe the good senator is forgetting why the Akbayan and the Rejectionist (RJ) split from the Reaffirmists (RA) of Joma. It was because the Rejectionists wanted a different track of non-violent struggle.

Liza Soberano’s desire to defend women’s rights, is also shared by the senator and many in the Armed Forces. But we differ in the way Gabriela exploits these genuine advocates, because the CPPs underground, MAKIBAKA, is the one stirring and orchestrating it.

It is YOUR (government’s)JOB to expose this DUPLICITOUS nature of the CPP, even if you disagree because of your POLITICAL affiliations. This CPP monster knows no friend. They will feed you to the lion’s den if you are not careful. This is what happened to Jo Lapira, Ren Manalo, Camille Manangan etc, Gabriela Youth who were all killed for ceasing to be a plain activist and ended up being with the terrorist.

By the way Madam Senator, the Family of Ms Soberano through their legal adviser, sent me a personal letter to thank me for the information I shared and helping defend Liza from her bashers.

So DID I Redtag Liza?

No, I DID MY JOB to PROTECT her, as I will do with any one who will be unduly harassed by netizens, ESPECIALLY if it comes from netizens who DONT UNDERSTAND much about the dynamics and nature of the CPP revolutionary DUAL tactics.

These netizens are as CONFUSED on who is red and who is not, PRECISELY because of 52 years of govt vacilliation on this issue about whether the CPP and its fronts are legal or not. Well, the ATL is there and that probably scares these terrorist supporters the most.
So women and men, let’s all shout to defend women’s rights but never with these CPP stooges hiding in Gabriela.

source: phchronicles
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