Philippines Got A Seat In The UN Human Rights Council

Philippines Got A Seat In The UN Human Rights Council


The Philippines successfully got a seat in the United Nations Human Rights Council among 18 countries as new members of HRC. The country is represented by Alan Peter Cayetano. Out of 195 countries, Philippines got 165 votes through secret ballots which means that the absolute majority believe in the fairness and equality of human rights in the Philippines.

This UN council event is intended for the 2019-2021 term. A minimum of 97 votes is required for a certain state to qualify for a seat.

Possible Effects of UN HRC Seat To PH

PH on getting a seat in UN HRC is indeed good news. But how important is such privilege to a country? The news means there is no such thing as tyranny in the country belying the EJK and human rights violations implied by LP to the present administration.

A corrupt and crime-free government attracts foreign investors to take a chance in the country which means more jobs for the laborers. With this, more tourists will visit the country without any hesitation of their safety.


In lieu of various allegations against Duterte administration regarding EJK or extra-judicial killings and numerous human rights violations, it seems like the present administration still soar high despite accusation thrown by the leftists and the liberal party. Added to that, efforts from Robredo, De Lima, Sereno, Trillanes to outwit Duterte has gone too far. They even tried to divulge claims of killings and human rights violation under Duterte’s order on United Nations council and other international organizations trying to gain sympathy and beyond that, file a case against to whom they call as the “tyrant leader.”

Even the Commission on Human Rights keep its keen eyes straight on the President.

Though things got blurry for netizens on what it really inflicts on the country, they still remain supportive for Duterte.

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