Robredo Binatikos ng mga Netizens dahil sumakay ng Bus dala ang kanyang Aso

Robredo draws flak from netizens after bringing her pet on the bus

photo from nowreader

Critics on Friday slammed VP Robredo after her photo circulated online and she’s bringing her dog with on the bus.

Netizens reacted that it is prohibited to carry a pet on the bus. That’s why they questioning Robredo how could it happen.

De La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras, one of vocal critics of Robredo, also couldn’t hide the distaste in his post.

“Is Leni Robredo above the law?” he asked.

Contreras was pointed out the policy implemented inside the bus for commuters but why does Robredo was allowed to do so.

Prior to that, as we recalled, Robredo already dew flak before for waiting a bus at EDSA. Netizens called it a stunt of the vice president.

For the critics, Robredo is trying to prove that she’s one of the “masa” or ordinary people who did the same thing they experience in day to day basis.

Let’s read Contreras post:


First, she gets picked up by the bus at a place where it is prohibited and ordinary citizens have to go to the bus terminal.

Now, she gets to bring her pet dog to board the bus where it is prohibited and ordinary citizens are subjected to the strictly no pet policy.

Is Leni Robredo above the law?

Contreras on his comment section, when someone said that it looks like a private bus, he replied:

Dr. Ethel Pineda wrote, “Above Dilaw.”
While, Regina Marie said, “She’s not above the law, just a tad above below average! Ahahahahaa”

Meanwhile, a die hard supporter of Duterte, Andrew Olivar also lashed out Robredo and made a hilarious comment to imitate Robredo next time he ride a bus or LRT.

“Pasaway kang babae ka. Sabing NO PETS ALLOWED sa mga bus eh.
Next time magdadala ako ng KALABAW, kambing at manok sa bus para maibyahe ko rin mga alaga ko., he replied.
si LENI nga pwede di pwede sa lahat

Pati sa LRT magdadala ako ng kambing at kalabaw”

source: nowreader



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