Smartmatic Owner Closed friend of Aquino Family

Smartmatic Owner Closed friend of Aquino Family


Para sa kaalaman ng lahat ito ang dahilan kung bakit naging automated at pinili ng liberal lalong lalo na ang mga Aquino ang Smartmatic dahil control nila ito. 

Nagkaroon tayo ng smartmatic na tinago ng lahat kung sino nga ba ang may-ari? kung anong connection nito, Kasi dapat ang mga senador at ang media, dapat pinalabas nila kung sino nga ba ang may ari ng smartmatic at closed friend ba ito ng liberal lalong lalo na ang mga Aquino, para sa ganun ay napigilan noon, pero wala dahil hawak ng Liberal at mga aquino at pera pera ang laban.

Sa ating pananaliksik libre ang google, at wikipedia at even sa smartmatic website profile info “About Section”. 



In the Philippines, Malloch Brown worked with Corazon Aquino in the campaign against the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship. On election day, Malloch Brown wrote Aquino’s victory speech which she recited days before voting results were to be released since her campaign assumed that Marcos claim victory as well.[18] He stated that an “outstanding accomplishment during the Cory campaign was to produce an exit poll that indicated that she had won”[19] since other polls released showed that Aquino had been less popular than Marcos.[18] Since then, it has been reported that Malloch Brown has formed a close relationship with the Aquino family and Corazon’s son Benigno Aquino

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Mark Malloch-Brown is a former number two in the United Nations as well as having served in the British Cabinet and Foreign Office. He now sits in the House of Lords and is active both in business and in the non-profit world. He also remains deeply involved in international affairs.

Mark served as Deputy Secretary-General and Chief of Staff of the UN under Kofi Annan. For six years before that he was Administrator of the UNDP, leading the UN’s development efforts around the world. He was later Minister of State in the Foreign Office, covering Africa and Asia, and was a member of Gordon Brown’s cabinet.