Sports Car Owned By CBCP Crashes In Front Of Mosque

Sports Car Owned By CBCP Crashes In Front Of Mosque


A sports car belong to the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), was crashed after hitting the barrier along Mindanao Ave., just in front of Blue Mosque in Taguig on Thursday morning.

Rescuers brought the driver and two women who suffered non-life threatening injuries to Taguig-Pateros District Hospital.

According to the driver 28 years old Miguel Cañete, he was driving along Mindanao Ave when a running man suddenly crossed the street prompting him to swerve and hitting the right barrier on the process.

Authorities however believed Cañete was drunk according to medical report and came from a bar in Roxas Boulevard. He later admitted that he was in his way to a motel to do a threesome with both ladies he ordered from Manila Courtesan.

Taguig Police later found out that the 7-million peso 2016 Nissan GT-R was registered to CBCP and Cañete is nephew of one of CBCP’s top Archbishops whom police refused to name for privacy protection.

Cañete is facing multiple charges including reckless driving and driving under influence. He suffered broken nose and some minor injuries, while the two women who appeared shocked were discharged early.

CBCP has not yet issued any comment regarding the matter. The 7-million peso car is currently impounded at Taguig City Police.



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