CHR Offers Help to Ateneo Bully Suspect amid Online Threats


The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) finally speaks up about the hottest issue online, offering protection for the suspect rather than the victim.

On Saturday, CHR spokesperson Atty. Edcel Bakunawa told DZRH that the agency is extending its help to Joaquin “Bordado” Montes, the Ateneo De Manila University ADMU), junior high school student, who is seen on viral video beating another student inside the school’s restroom.

“The public should understand that he is minor and he is also protected by all the laws the land has to offer. My God he is just a kid and he doesn’t know what he was doing”, Bakunawa said.

The lawyer also added that despite Montes is at fault, he could not be charged until the ongoing investigation is completed and he needs protection amidst growing threads online.

“He needs protection more than the victim. There are hundreds and thousands of people who want to hurt this kid and as human rights agency, this is our job”, Bakunawa added.

In a separate segment of Bitag, host Ben Tulfo said that Montes’ family has a connection with powerful people, especially the family of former president Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III.

The parents of the bullied student have filed a police report on Friday and there is also unverified news that says the victim needs surgery.

ADMU has been in total chaos due to media coverage and online critics since the issue broke out several days ago. It is not clear yet of Montes’ family will accept the help offered by the CHR.




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