On the Execution of a Filipina in Saudi Arabia

On the Execution of a Filipina in Saudi Arabia


The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) extends its deep condolences to the family of a Filipina household service worker who was executed in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

According to Ambassador Adnan Alonto, Saudi authorities carried out the sentence against the 39-year-old Filipina who was found guilty of murder.

The Department regrets that it was not able to save the life of the Filipina after the Saudi Supreme Judicial Council classified her case as one in which blood money does not apply under Shariah law.

Ambassador Alonto said the Embassy also provided her with a lawyer to assist her in all stages of her trial, sent representatives to visit her, and provided her family in the Philippines with regular updates about her case.

The Department has informed the next of kin who have requested for privacy during their time of bereavement.