QC gov’t “not advised” by Angel Locsin on community pantry – Mayor Belmonte

QC gov't "not advised" by Angel Locsin on community pantry – Mayor Belmonte


 Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte issued a statement following the tragic incident that happened at Angel Locsin’s community pantry on Friday, April 23.

Earlier at the community pantry organized by the actress, chaos and even death of an elderly identified to be Mr. Rolando dela Cruz, happened. Angel wanted to celebrate her birthday by sharing her blessing to those in need. Unfortunately, the organizers had troubles with the huge number of people who flocked for the free goods.

In a statement issued by Belmonte on Facebook, she expressed how “deeply saddened” they were with the death of Dela Cruz. She assured that the local government will assist the family and shoulder the cost of the burial.

“The city government will shoulder the burial expenses of Mr. dela Cruz, and will extend financial assistance to his family,” Belmonte stated.

The statement continued to stress how important it is for event organizers to coordinate with the local government so they may be assisted, especially in crowd control and implementation of health protocols.

“While Quezon City will continue to throw its full support behind community pantry initiatives, this unfortunate incident should serve as an important reminder for organizers to please be reminded of my appeal to coordinate all efforts with the barangay, and if necessary, with the LGU. The barangay and local government are here to assist with crowd control and health protocols, to ensure that untoward incidents are minimized,” Mayor Belmonte said.

The city mayor also revealed that they were not advised on the plans of Angel’s community pantry.

“Advanced coordination will allow all stakeholders to be proactive, rather than reactive. Sadly, in this case, we were not advised regarding any plans, which would have surely made a difference in the outcome of today’s events,” Mayor Belmonte disclosed.

In the end, Mayor Belmonte reminded the public that while it’s good to be kind and compassionate, we should also “practice foresight.”

Earlier, Angel already asked an apology for what happened at her event. She also personally said sorry to the family of Dela Cruz who fainted while waiting in line at her community pantry.

According to Angel, they did everything they could to prepare for the huge event. They also had the support of the police, barangay and local officials who were present at the event to help them. Unfortunately, there were many people who tried to get ahead of the line.

“Sa lahat po ng naabala ngayon, pasensya na po. Hindi po ito talaga ang intensyon natin. Kahit anong paghahanda namin para ma-avoid yung gantong gulo, hindi lang talaga siya ma-control kahit na nandito na yung munisipyo, military, pulis, barangay,” she said.

source: Sally, The Summit Express