DFA, DND have no record of ‘gentleman’s agreement’

DFA, DND have no record of 'gentleman's agreement'

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Defense Undersecretary Ignacio Madriaga said the DND is “not privy to any gentleman’s agreement with China” and has no record “detailing or potentially showing the contours of a deal.”

OFFICIALS from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Department of National Defense (DND) on Monday told members of the House of Representatives they were not aware of the purported “gentleman’s agreement” between former president Rodrigo Duterte and China concerning the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

DFA Assistant Secretary Aileen Mendiola-Rau said the department “has no record of a gentleman’s agreement. ..with regard to Ayungin Shoal” and reiterated that “the Philippines has not entered into any agreement abandoning its sovereign rights and jurisdiction over its exclusive economic zone and continental shelf including on the Ayungin Shoal.”

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